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Antivirus For Android Mobile - Are you looking for and Antivirus application for Android ?
Android mobile is a smartphone that his popularity very high users of our country. So it's no wonder children already have personally smartphone. But, there are also people who deliberately create virus attacks that makes demage to the system and will have a negative impact for your smartphone.

Not only are also continuously updated applications, if application is finished is updated, ussually the virus also update and can launch an attack on your smartphone. So, some of us not being able to cope with it. Most of the virus could have originated from the application Files/APK or it could be from the internet when you are browsing.

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Antivirus For Android Mobile :

The amount of virus now many android that spread through the internet or applications that you downloaded. Because its not always safe from viruses. What's more if you download application through the browser is unknown.

But, all of these issues have been many makes of developer antivirus are also trying to destroy the virus problems with quick and nice. In the article, i will discuss about the Antivirus apps on Android that you can use to destroyed this virus.

1. TrustGo and Mobile Security Antivirus

This Antivirus apps is TrustGo and Security Mobile, can eradicate the virus on android. And many featur very complete. TrustGo, offers services for create account for free. You can choose the recommended protection such as protection devices and the choice of data backup and set up things like security Scanner, Scheduled, Real-time Scanning, Scan card memory or SD Card and much more.

2. Comodo Mobile Security

Android apps comodo mobile security also has ffeatures quite complete. Real-time protection against your smartphone. While for other features such as privacy protection, short message and call blocked, protection efforts as well as the theft of the privacy advisor is availablke at the Comodo Mobile Security Apps.

3. McAfee Mobile Security

Most good offers antivirus safeguards you against android malware high at once can make a backup your history short message, telephone, and the contact.
To date McAfee still indicates that the products that they make is the most powerfull. It's also very supportive for the best antivirus apps for the iPhone.

4. Avast Mobile Security

The best apps is avast mobile security, the features of this antivirus is also quite powerful to protect personal data of infected URLs are alert and scan antivirus automatically. And can stop hackers with firewall (Works on android with status of the root only) can control the phones with free theft protection features through a short message, delete history, lock the phone, can hide our apps, GPS tracking and other tools. So, it's very difficult to find the spyware or turn it off.

5. 360 Security

Well, most of the android users must have been familiar with the android apps is, 360 Security.
This application is already exclusively on offer to you through the television advertising Indonesia, because this will ensure the Antivirus apps to accelerate and protect your android performance.
Using this apps you can view the status of the use of RAM memory and features provided by 360 security is also very interesting, because with one Antivirus apps you can clean up with the menu Accelerator and power-saver.

6. Lookout Security Antivirus

Android antivirus apps also has features that are arguably fairly passable is Block Malware, Spyware, and Torjan viruses.
When we do a download apps, the application will scan to make sure the security's, could do a daily or weekly schedule to perform antivirus scanners, as well as having protection against the latest threats.

7. Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky mobile security is quite good, certainly with the features of the tool data theft secret, until a high level of privacy like the lockscreen apps and the ability to make its own system or delete personal data.

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