How to Create Apple ID Account Without a Credit Card on iPhone

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How to create an Apple ID account without a credit card - How to create an account using your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are indeed not so hard if you already know. But for those of you who are still confused how to register your Apple ID you can follow the instructions below. Apple ID this is a special application used for iOS devices, to be able to enjoy all the applications in your iPhone. As the function of Gmail on Android, Apple ID is useful for accessing the service from Apple. This way to complement how to create Apple ID via your iPhone. For users of the new iPhone that is indeed very necessary that special understanding about the use of the service are mainly apps App Store, iTunes, iBooks. As it pertains to credit card to buy the issue of payment of this content, and then create a new Apple account ID with a credit card you owned it is extremely efficient.

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The Benefits Of An Apple ID

By using the Apple ID you can use as :

1. Enter personal data in order to make the content of the iCloud updated on all your devices.

2. Enter iTunes, iBook, and the App Store to make a purchase and access your previous purchase history.

3. Enter the iMessage and FaceTime with your Apple ID account can be used to call and send messages with your friends and family

4. Go to the Game with your Apple ID, game play together with your friends and can also track the attainment level

5. Sign in with your Apple ID when new devices

6. See a full list of features and services with your Apple ID account

Step by Step :

The initial stage if you don't have email, first step you create email now. You can use Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. If you have a Email account, now follow the steps in the following list account :
1. First, your select menu iDevice if you want to use, you can take a sample of Guide on your iPhone. Follow the steps in the following list account Apple ID

2. Make sure that the device is out of synchronization with Apple ID account is active. Because when this happens, please delete your account until the account is not active. Touch to register your Apple ID on the list

3. Then, open your apps App Store, iTunes Store, or iBooks Store on your iOS device

4. Then, you can choose one the application's, songs, books, and videos that are not paid. Usually, no price tag listed on the download button.

5. Press the "Download" button, beside of the logo application. Then, press it again to install application.

6. Then, you touch list menu "Create New Account Apple ID"

7. After that, will show Term of Services Agreement. Choose "Agree", then will show again confirm. You choose "Agree".

8. After that, you will fill on a form. Including security questions, please fill on correctly and don't forget it.
  • Email : Enter your valid email.
  • Password : Enter your password
  • Repeat : Repeat the same as the your password
  • Security Info : This security questions, choose of the friend name or the name of a childhood cartioon
  • Answer : Answers your questions, your friend name is Mustafi
  • Day : Date of Birth
  • Month : Month of Birth
  • Year : Year born, fill on the year which the Apple ID when create this your age more than 18 years
  • Subscribe : OFF, sorry no need spam
  • Subscribe : OFF, ...........
  • After all form completed you press Next

9. Follow the intruction on the screen your iPhone. If, no options appear on  the payment or billing information. Press and checklist

10. Then, press done button. The company Apple will send a verification email your Apple ID and Apple ID successfully created. Open the email, then your verify Apple ID
11. Now, Apple ID account you can use.

12. Done....
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Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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